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GED is a high school equivalent diploma, and therefore it can be used to apply for admission to colleges, universities or for a job, just as you would with a normal Namibian high school diploma in Namibia and international.

UNAM doesn't accept the GED, however, there are other options!

Are you wondering what schools or jobs would accept the GED? There is good news. Over 98% of schools in the United States alone accept the GED, inclusive of colleges and universities as well as 197 countries around the world.

If you are planning on studying in Namibia or South Africa, then rest assured as the Namibian Qualifications Authority has evaluated the GED and equated it to a Level 4 (Grade 12) equivalent qualification.

On the other hand, GED graduates are able to prepare and earn a certificate in a few short months. That is the beauty of this high school diploma. No more waiting till end of the year for exams, or only taking 3 subjects a year for two years.

The test can be taken by anyone older than 17 years of age, no matter whether you are past the high school age.

Enrolling for GED
Only N$2,500 per year
Your annual enrollment license is counted from the date you are registered on the system.
A year’s access to Essential Education’s online GED education, based in the USA. This includes full tuition and support. If you need more than a year to finish your GED, you can simply renew.
To access the program, you must have a computer or have access to one, or a tablet or phone, as well as access to internet. In order to write exams, you need a valid Namibian ID or passport before you can book any exams.
• If you are younger than the required 17 years (not younger than 15), you can still enroll with us. Because of the flexibility of the GED program, you can study online from anywhere where you have access to internet. There are no extra hidden fees.

Exams cost USD$80 per subject group, there are 4 subject groups. Your exams are paid one by one on the day of booking, whenever you are ready to write them.

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Only up to Grade 9.

Impaq’s journey began in 2002 when we realized that homeschooling learners and parents needed a solution to help them study at home. Since then, Impaq has become the largest home education curriculum provider in South Africa. We provide learners across the country with everything they need to complete Grades R – 12 at home. Our products and services are also used by more than 1 500 independent tutors countrywide.

We provide a comprehensive set of educational products based on the national curriculum in English and Afrikaans. The CAPS-aligned lesson material is specially developed by our education specialists to ensure learning is fun, exciting, and engaging. Our products and services are also designed to enable individualized learning, which allows learners to study at their own pace, anytime, anywhere.

We are continuously developing products and services to enhance learning. We aim to provide quality distance education products and services to learners, parents, and tutors across the country

Impaq is part of the Optimi Group that strives to provide products and services that truly add value to the learner’s education journey. Optimi provides offerings in four divisions, namely, Home, Workplace, Classroom and College. Together, these divisions support more than 200 000 learners every year.

Optimi Home provides accessible home education and after-school solutions for learners, parents, and tutors. It includes South Africa’s leading home education curriculum provider Impaq, on-demand tutoring service, Tuta-Me; practice software specialists, Cami; examination preparation workbooks, Quanta Books; and specialist publishers, Excom.

Contact person: Monja Gouws (+264) 81 577 6089

Registrations open all year.

Close Learning Gaps in 27 Subjects for K-8. A decade of evidence and research, buttressed by over 155 education awards (10 times the closest competitor), establishes MobyMax as the premier edtech solution available to schools for closing learning gaps. During the past years, students have gained more than one full grade level with just 20 hours of work. Over 28.7 million students have used MobyMax to catch up and get ahead. Banish boredom from your classroom with the fastest way to learn!

Teach Me Videos
Quick, granular Teach Me Videos start every lesson topic. MobyMax’s comprehensive scope and sequence includes over 10,000 Teach Me Videos

Cognitive Skill Manipulatives
Instead of simply memorizing and regurgitating facts, cognitive skill manipulatives push students to develop critical thinking skills, become better problem solvers, and develop a deeper understanding of content.

Adaptive & Fluency Practice
MobyMax automatically assigns lessons to each student based on their diagnostic results, ensuring that students practice the skills they need to work on without spending time on skills they have already mastered.

Adaptive & Fully Automated
Let MobyMax’s proprietary technology automatically assign lessons based on diagnostic results and progress …

Teacher-Driven & Targeted
… or take full control of your students’ lessons to specifically target weak or missing skills.

Progress Monitoring
MobyMax automatically allows you to monitor student progress in real time so that you know exactly how each student is doing. Analyze data for all standards in the common core by student, class and school.

Placement Tests
MobyMax’s diagnostic tests quickly assess student proficiency on each standard in the common core, letting you know exactly where gaps in student knowledge exist.

IEPs & Reporting
MobyMax simplifies the IEP process by allowing you to set student goals that are automatically updated as students’ progress, saving you hundreds of hours of reporting.

Contact person: Monja Gouws (+264) 81 577 6089

What is TABE?

  • It’s like a pre-GED grade 9 equivalent
  • TABE covers a part of grade 8, full grade 9 and some grade 10
  • TABE is a great program that covers the gap between Mobymax going to GED
  • TABE concentrates especially on English and Maths
  • All online, you just need Google, internet and a device
  • You work on your own time.
  • Mostly multiple choice, accept the easy.
  • There are 3 subjects preparing you for GED, all compulsory
  • You can start with the program from late 14 to beginning 15 years and older
  • Finals for GED are written from 17 years and older
  • N$ 2500.00 once off license fee.
  • Registrations anytime during the year
  • License can be renewed (if needed) after 12 months with no work lost

Should you struggle call your TABE teacher.

For more info contact me
Monja Gouws
GED(AEP) Namibia

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Enrolments open all year round

International British Curriculum:
- All Grades from Pre-Primary to A Levels

CAPS Curriculum:
- From Grade R to Grade 9

Why students choose the International British Curriculum:
Parents and students choose the International British Curriculum for its unrivalled flexibility, giving students the ability to work at their own pace. Additionally, students who want to study abroad also enjoy the benefit of an internationally recognised curriculum when they apply to universities across the globe.

Why students choose the CAPS Curriculum:
Parents and students choose the CAPS Curriculum for its affordability and accessibility to all learners. CAPS also provides a more structured learning approach, where learners need to complete specific milestones each term to ensure they are ready for the next, making it an ideal option for parents who want to easily keep track of their child's progress.

Direct Teacher Chat:
Have a question? Ask your teacher at any time via the built-in chat function and receive an answer within one day.

A Proven History:
The team at CambriLearn have delivered education online for more than a decade, so we know what works.

International Accreditation:
CambriLearn is accredited with Cognia, the world’s largest nonprofit education community, and with Pearson Edexcel, meaning that a CambriLearn education is recognised and accepted at universities around the world.

Online Learning Content:
Access detailed course outlines, multi-sensory videos, and interactive lessons available 24/7 on mobile, laptop, and PC.

Live and Recorded Lessons:
Interact and collaborate with your classroom via weekly online sessions or dive into recorded lessons at any time to learn at your pace.

Student Tracker:
See the evidence of your success, including all assignments and coursework with your own progress tracker. Parents and Tutors can get involved too, providing support and encouragement along your learning journey.

Marked Assignments and Exams:
Each of your assignments and mock exams will receive personalised feedback because every CambriLearn teacher is invested in your success.

Create your own Subject Selection:
We make every subject available individually so that you can build a fully bespoke subject selection for your child. Freely mix and match Standard and Premium, Grades, Curricula, and payment plans.

Start any course at any time:
With CambriLearn’s International British curriculum, you can start any course at any time. Need to add an extra subject after a few months? No problem. Want to focus on Maths first and start English a little later? Easy.

Cambridge available from Pre-Primary to Grade 12 (AS Level).

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