It has again come to our attention that students were put under the impression that they could write
the UMALUSI/SACAI IMPAQ matriculation examination IN Namibia.

Centers who are registered at HSAN knows that this is impossible, since it is a South African examination
body, and you need a South African Identity Document (ID) to write this exam IN South Africa. If you are
registered for the IMPAQ matriculation exam, you should have a matriculation registration number from
IMPAQ. If you are uncertain that your child can write the examination, you need to contact us or
alternatively the IMPAQ Head Office, who would be able to verify your child's registration at IMPAQ.

However, this does not mean your NAMIBIAN child can write the South African examination
(CAPS/IMPAQ) in Namibia. Unfortunately, IMPAQ officials are not all informed about the legality and
practical application of Namibians writing South African examinations and could provide incorrect

It is the parent's responsibility to ensure that the child is legitimately registered at a Namibian
Examination Authority. Legitimate registration on any curriculum/system, can be obtained by receiving
login details for your child’s personal access.

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